We are SEASON ZERO. A graphic design studio located in Stralsund, Germany. Since 2004 we've been working with a wide variety of national and international award-winning bands, musicians and labels.

We consider ourselves less as artists and more as graphic service provider at the intersection between musicians, managements and labels. We accompany the process of artwork creation from the beginning and take over the communication between all parties. The experience of hundreds of releases enables us, specifically to address every musical genre and come up with custom-made conceptions and designs.

We specialize in the implementation of physical artworks of all kinds. Whether classical formats like jewelcase, digipak and vinyl or extensive special editions with individual packaging solutions. A holistic design, as well as the associated data handling for a smooth and timely print production, is the heart of our work.

For digital releases and a coherent overall appearance on the internet, we offer the cover design as well as the suitable elements for all important social media platforms.

Recognition value and independence are the most important aspects of a strong brand. This also applies to bands and musicians. Therefore, we also take on the design of lettering and logos, specifically designed for each musical style.








We know that every release has very specific requirements for the artwork design.
For inquiries and consultation, as well as further information we are gladly available:



Matthias Löwenstein

Art Direction, Design and Illustration



Sebastian Osinski

Web Development and Coding



Kristin Löwenstein








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